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Julio Cerviño

Professor of Marketing and Branding at University Carlos III of Madrid and Co-director of the Master in International Management (International MBA, Univ. Carlos III of Madrid). Professor Cerviño is also the codirector of the Master of International Business at CECO ( and UIMP (Universidad International Menendez y Pelayo - and codirector of MarketinGroup – an international research group in marketing and competitiveness ( He is a consultant and technical expert on brand management, valuation of intangibles assets, and international marketing strategies and program implementation in different sectors and industries.

He holds a Business Economics from Autonoma University of Madrid (1996); a Master in International Business and Affairs, Washington University, USA (1992); a MBA from Autonoma University of Madrid (1989); and a Bachellor in Economics from the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain (1985).

His research interests are focused on international brand management, brand and other intangible assets economic and financial valuation and dilution, internationalization strategies, and marketing and business management in transactional economies and emerging markets. At present, his research examines techniques for economic and financial valuation of brands and other intangible assets, trademark dilution measurements, brand value creation models, and the relationship between brand value, internationalization of firms and country image. Furthermore, a new line of research is focused on marketing strategies in transactional and emerging economies, mainly in retailing and hotel business. 

His most recent research has been published in specialized international journals, such as the International Marketing Review, The Service Industries Journal, Papeles de Economía Española, International Journal of Management Practice, Latin America Business Review, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, International Journal of Management, International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly and The Journal of Brand Management.

Professionally, he has worked for several multinational companies, including McDonnell Douglas Corporation (USA), John Fabick Tractor-Caterpillar Inc. (USA) and Maritz España (subsidiary in Spain of Maritz Ltd, UK).

Mirelis Sánchez

Manager and Project Coordinator.

Mirelis Sánchez

Manager and Project Coordinator.